Social Dynamics of Global Terrorism and Prevention Policies


Çabuk Kaya, N.,
Erdemir, A.

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Over the course of the first decade of the third millennium, terrorism has become a phenomenon that no state, society, or individual can afford to ignore. Particularly in the post-9/11 world, terrorism has not only turned into an ubiquitous fact and an omnipresent spectacle but also an alarming global concern. It is, nevertheless, surprising for many people that the global convergence towards growing fear and anxiety of terrorism has not necessarily led to a parallel convergence in our understanding and definition of the phenomenon. Defining terrorism today is no simpler a task than the days of the French revolution during which the term was first coined. Although definitional exercises are often perceived by various politicians and practitioners as yet another bizarre avocation of scholars, attempts to redefine the term terrorism time and again is neither straightforward nor vein.

This edited volume is compiled in response to the challenge of global terrorism, bringing together over two dozen scholars and practitioners from around the world who are experts on the study of terrorism.