Smart Homes and Beyond

ICOST 2006


Nugent, C.,
Augusto, J.C.

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The thought behind this publication is to continue to develop an active research community dedicated to explore how Smart Homes and Health Telematics can foster independent living and offer an enhanced quality of life for ageing and disabled people. As we begin to witness the effects of changing demographics on today’s society we begin to appreciate that the increase in the number of elderly and in the prevalence of those suffering from chronic disease and disabilities are likely to further increase in the next two to three decades. To react to the needs of this cohort to provide an environment within which the people can reside for as long as possible, whilst maintaining their quality of life and independence, is a widespread concern for all. As such, there is real benefit to further investigate the role of technologies to address these changes and subsequently offer practical solutions to support independent living. The editors feel that within the realms of Smart Homes and Health Telematics real, affordable and useful services can be developed which will have the necessary underlying technological and service delivery infrastructures to allow seamless integration into existing care delivery paradigms. The introduction of technology can provide a positive impact. However, it is necessary to avoid any detrimental effects if reliance upon technology within the home environment becomes so great that people will not leave their own home in fear of losing the support once outside of the home, or its close proximity. This publication focuses on promoting personal autonomy and extending the quality of life by considering including smart services inside and outside of the home. Abstracted in Inspec