Sixth Bienial Conference of the European Society for Engineering and Medicine


Black, N.D.,
McCullagh, P.J.,
Meenan, B.J.,
Murtagh, F.

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ESEM 2001 is the sixth biennial conference of the European Society for Engineering and Medicine. The Society is unique in that it is equally representative of both the engineering and medical communities, with membership drawn from across Europe. The aim of ESEM is to provide a bridge between engineering and medicine and to facilitate engineering solutions to medical problems.
With this in mind, ESEM 2001 has a strong focus on the 'real world' and scientific papers have been selected on the basis of their clinical application. The conference has a truly international flavour, with contributions from across the world, including Europe, China, the USA, Russia, Australia and India, demonstrating the global relevance and significance of the topics.
The scientific papers reflect the three main tracks of the conference: Health Information Systems; Bioengineering; Medical Instrumentation and Imaging. Within each of these areas there are a number of sub-themes on a diverse range of topics, including Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs, Computers in Medicine and Biomedical Processing and Modelling.
This document is a record of the oral and poster presentations made during the conference. It also gives an overview of the structure of ESEM 2001 and identifies the keynote speakers.