Shipping Innovation


Wijnolst, N.,
Wergeland, T.

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Delft University Press


‘Shipping Innovation is a remarkable book. It deserves to become a standard text for students and professionals alike, combining as it does both commercial and technical topics into one coherent whole.’- Paul Gunton,
'Het boek kost 150 euro: elke euro goed geïnvesteerd.- Folkert Nicolai, Nieuwsblad Transport

There were not many textbooks on shipping available for the students in the early 1990s. Therefore it was decided to write Shipping in 1996. One year earlier, Niko Wijnolst had published Design Innovation in Shipping, based on work at the Delft University of Technology. The two books together offered a comprehensive insight and overview into the dynamics of global shipping and maritime innovation. Although the core of the books held its value, it was decided to make an update of the two books and merge them into one new textbook, Shipping Innovation, destined for a broad spectre of maritime students and professionals. Some substantial new parts were added, as well as some new contributions by other writers. This textbook offers a one-stop-shopping experience to those students and professionals who wish to get acquainted with the multifaceted aspects of global shipping and its everlasting innovation dynamics. Some of the new contributions are the mission-based design process of a Panamax containership and a ro-ro vessel; sustainable shipping and innovation; and an innovation case-study on the revolutionary design of a ballast-free ship.


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