Semantic Web Technologies for e-Learning


Mizoguchi, R.,
Greer, J.,
Dicheva, D.

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This book outlines the latest research, theoretical and technological advances, and applications of semantic web and web 2.0 technologies in e-learning. It provides a guide for researchers and developers to the present and future tendencies of research in this field. The book, incorporating some papers from the International Workshop on Ontologies and Semantic Web in e-Learning (SWEL), is divided into three sections.

Part one examines ontologies in support of e-learning and subjects covered include: the challenging problem of ontology evolution; practical problems of scaling up learning content repositories; efforts in the process of curriculum mapping; practical problems of applying ontologies to authoring instruction for learners; ontologies underlying instructional and learning theories; ontology support for authoring constraint-based tutors; and applying ontologies to the development of assessment examinations.

Part two deals with technologies, discussing topics such as enhancing instructor feedback with semantic web technologies; content annotation, representation and searching in geometry teaching; incorporating semantic technologies in ActiveMath; enhancements to generalized testing and assessment systems; and a semantic web tool for the discipline of philosophy.

The final part deals with the social semantic web. Aspects covered include a broad survey of this emerging area; a description of a number of projects and experiences exploring semantic web technologies in social learning contexts; and a new approach to collaborative filtering.

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