Security and Privacy in Advanced Networking Technologies


Jerman-Blažič, B.,
Klobučar, T.,
Schneider, W.S.

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Security and privacy in telecommunications and networking, especially when electronic commerce is involved, are two of the most crucial services offered in the global networks. In general, users of the computer network services are largely unaware of the potential threats to their information, or they choose to ignore such threats. However, the increasing usage of Internet services has brought the importance of the protection of data, resources and identities to the forefront. Recently, the Internet has started to spread “over the air” to merge with mobile communication network, thus making a new broad range of services available to the new economy. Since these new services take place in a public and therefore in untrusted networks, there are many security issues involved that are of concern to different communities. This book provides a broad overview of the basic aspects of technology, services and applications that enable safety, security and privacy in untrusted networks. The book can be viewed as a sequel of the book Advanced Security Technologies in Networking, published by IOS Press in 2001 and edited by the same editors. While the first book focused mostly on basic security services and mechanisms, network layer security, public key infrastructures and related applications, and secure electronic commerce, this book gives an overview of the most recent security technologies, such as biometrics, mobile networks, intrusion detection systems, and privacy-enhancing technologies.