Science and Technology Management


Balaban, A.T.,
Carabateas, E.N.

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This new book on Science and Technology Management is the result of a 4day Advanced NATO Workshop held in Sinala, Romania and addresses an important subject in today’s fast moving world.

Technology development, competitively and resulting employment, priorities and budget distribution, globalisation and evaluation processes, government’s role and incentives, industrial participation, innovation and SME’s international collaboration, scientific and technical aspirations and endeavours are included in its 33 presentations made by scientists, engineers and managers from 18 countries.

The cross-fertilisation of ideas from east and west was most fruitful and the problems faced by the Central and Eastern European Countries in their course of transition to market economy are amply discussed.

The reader will find useful information on the research and technology development structures of many countries, the methods of implementation and evaluation of research activities, the handling of specialised topics and the ways of maximising economic impact.