Risk Assessment as a Basis for the Forecast and Prevention of Catastrophies


Apostol, I.,
Coldewey, W.G.,
Barry, D.L.,
Reimer, D.W.G.

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Increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters during the last fifteen years in the Republic of Moldova, limited resources for prevention and mitigation of their impact, has increased the level of vulnerability of the population. Considered efforts are to be made to decrease vulnerability of population through a dipper study of human and societal dynamics, different methodologies of disaster forecast and prevention, transfer of technology and knowledge. In this publication theoretical knowledge and practical experiences in the area of natural and anthropogenic disasters are discussed. Practical recommendations are developed for the prevention of negative effects on the environment and society. It is demonstrated that international security policy is not limited just to regional security - it means ‘Global Security’ - and efficient international cooperation is needed to ensure it.