Responsibilities in the Efficient Use of Medicinal Products


Valverde, J.L.

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This emphasis of this book is on the problem of the efficient use of medicinal products. It is known that this is a subject that is neither new nor unknown. Hundreds of articles have been, and will continue to be written about it. Yet it has not been resolved. The lines of consensus to tackle it have not even been defined, and there are many opinions about different aspects. What is needed is overall consideration and then to try to act on common agreed bases. But first the problem must be analysed, and so the book raises the problem in the form of a Forum. The different actors have to be heard, and the governments, too, of course, which express themselves through the legal system. We are far from providing an adequate response in any national legal system. The debate is still open, but society is waiting for replies from those who have responsibilities. There is no one right answer. Many actors are jointly responsible in this situation. The editors do not hope to exhaust the subject but rather to highlight its existence and the fact that there are so far no adequate answers. Both the Administrations and professional actors can delay no longer and must now act.