Research into Spinal Deformities 5


Uyttendaele, D.,
Dangerfield, P.H.

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This publication covers many different fields of research from genetics and molecular biology to surgical treatment. During the last decade the field of research has widened and new research groups have emerged, reflecting the changes in the world’s economical and political scene. In this context, globalization definitely has a positive meaning. Our understanding of the mechanisms leading to spinal deformity is improving, but further research into all fields concerned is mandatory.

This book reflects our current knowledge and is intended for readers with a scientific, critical and open mind. It serves as a basis for future research and as a source of discussion. Research into Spinal Deformities 5 contains papers on the following subjects: Genetics; Etiology and Pathogenesis; Biomechanics & Imaging; Conservative Treatment; Surgical Treatment; and Quality of Life.

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