Renewable energy in energy performance regulations

A Challenge for European member states in implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive


Beerepoot, M.

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Delft University Press


This research focuses on the possibilities for combining the introduction of the new or revised energy performance regulations required by the EC Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) with incentives to encourage the use of renewable energy. It reflects the results of the European research project Build-On-RES that studied the track record of possible incentives and developed recommendations for creating synergy between the promotion of renewable energy and the implementation of the EPBD. Both technical solutions as solutions in the context of energy performance regulations have been studied. The results of the research show that the introduction of (reviewed) energy performance regulations can pave the way for, amongst others, extra incentives for renewable energy, such as a ‘renewable energy’ accreditation to accompany the energy certificate; or an explicit indication of the share of renewable energy in the output of the energy performance calculation.