Relation Based Access Control


Zhang, R.

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This book describes Relation Based Access Control (RelBAC), a new model to handle the dynamics with full features of a general sense access control system. It is organized as follows: after the introduction, chapter 2 analyzes the new challenges of the Web 2.0 such as the great dynamics in subjects, objects and in permissions. This is followed by a list of existing access control models. Chapter 4 describes the RelBAC model and logic. Chapter 5 shows the reasoning power of RelBAC and in chapter 6, the extendibility of RelBAC is studied. Chapters 7 and 8 show applications of two important techniques of the semantic web, lightweight ontologies and semantic matching on the model of RelBAC. Chapter 9 contains some evaluation results. The author states that the result of general sense purpose description logic (DL) reasoners are not good enough and therefore, research on more efficient reasoning in the near future is being done. Chapter 10 describes the framework for implementing a system based on RelBAC and DL reasoner. In chapter 11 is concluded that RelBAC is a natural formal model for the access control problem of Web 2.0.

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