Recent Trends in the Acetylcholinesterase System


Kumar, S.,
Parveen, M.

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The enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE) has drawn the attention of scientist as it has played a striking role in Alzheimer’s disease, Cardiac diseases and other diseases. A good discussion and overview document on AChE enzyme and its various aspects was felt lacking since long time in the field of enzyme Biochemistry as well as enzyme Biotechnology and this publication fills this gap. Before this publication there was no data available in AChE enzyme inhibition, its kinetics, its peripheral sites, their role in catalytic and noncholinergic function of enzyme, Ach receptors, AChE and BuChE genes etc. All these topics together form a good basis for researchers and post graduate students in this field of interest. This book is exclusively based on recent works reported in the field of AChE enzyme and is a collection volume of recent advanced reports and data on AChE Enzyme.