Recent Developments in Computer Modelling of Powder Metallurgy Processes


Zavaliangos, A.,
Laptev, A.

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The book is a first attempt to summarize the knowledge obtained during last decades in the modelling of the main powder metallurgy (P/M) operations. In addition to extensive reviews of achieved results to-date, new promising ideas in P/M modelling are presented and discussed.

The authors are international authorities spanning areas from mechanical engineering to materials science. This spectrum provides a unique possibility to consider this scientific problem from different and complementary points of view. The book also contains examples of successful modelling applications in industrial problems. Discussions on some advanced powder processing technologies are also included in the book.
This volume is an important publication for experts and researchers because it provides a concise review of the state-of-the-art in computer modelling of P/M operation. It is interesting for students and professors as an introduction to the mechanical behaviour of powders and porous materials under loading at various temperatures. Mechanical and materials engineers should find in this book information on the practical application of P/M modelling as well as information about recent interesting developments in the powder technologies (fast field activated sintering, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, HIP technology for production of large discs for high-performance gas-turbine engines and processing of functionally graded materials).