Recent Advances in Ambient Assisted Living - Bridging Assistive Technologies, e-Health and Personalized Health Care


Chen, W.,
Augusto, J.C.,
Wichert, R.,
Seoane, F.,
Lehocki, F.,
Wolf, K.-H.,
Arends, J.,
Ungureanu, C.

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Recent advances in the field of ambient assistive living have addressed the integration of assistive technologies, e-health and personalized healthcare with the aim of enabling improved social experience as well as achieving better health outcomes.

This book focuses on ambient assisted living systems and services for healthcare, a multi-disciplinary field encompassing areas such as electrical engineering, computer science, user-centered design and medicine. The book is divided into three parts: personalized healthcare monitoring technologies; ICT for ambient assistive living; and healing environments. The topics covered include sensor systems, wearable technologies, patient monitoring, home monitoring, personalized healthcare, user-centered design, ethical challenges and clinical evaluation.

Providing an overview of new developments in e-health and personalized healthcare, the book will be of interest to engineers, designers and others working in the healthcare industry, and to medical practitioners.

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