Real World Semantic Web Applications


Kashyap, V.,
Shklar, L.

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The objective of this publication is to discuss commercial applications that make immediate advances and to gain insight into the evolution of Semantic Web technology. Machine-understandable metadata is emerging as a new foundation for component-based approaches to application development, where Web services represent the latest architectural advancement. RDF Servers enable these two concepts to be synthesized providing powerful new mechanisms for modeling, creating and deploying complex applications. Applications trying to achieve the above goal through the use of other specifications such as WSDL, UDDI, SOAP, ebXML, XML, possibly in conjunction with transformation languages such as XSLT, RuleML, etc. will also be discussed. This publication focuses on real applications attacking real world problems today. This potentially means very pragmatic decisions (e.g., executable agents that run in the context of graph-based application models) caused by the limitations of today's technology (e.g., are there robust/scalable RDF parsers, stores, and inference engines?). Issues related to business aspects, e.g., is there a market?, is there a sustainable value proposition?, what is the business model? etc., are also being addressed.

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