Real World Medical Applications

MEDNET 2000, Brussels, 5th World Congress on the Internet in Medicine


Nyssen, M.,
Arvanitis, T.N.,
Thienpont, G.,
Woodall, J.

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MEDNET2000 is the leading world conference about the Internet in the
Healthcare sector. The MEDNET conferences aim at bringing together key
developers, researchers and users, with either medical or technological
backgrounds (or both).
MEDNET2000 focuses on "real world" medical applications.  In which ways does medicine really benefit from the exploding Internet technology, beyond
gadgetry and focusing explicitly on the patients benefit. All points of view, both technical and medical are of interest.
The book/magazine presents all abstract of the scientific papers, tutorials
and some keynote presentations. Following topics are covered: Clinical
Applications, Telemedicine, Education, Epidemiology, Evidence Based
Medicine, Medical Records, Portal Sites and Legal Issues.