Radio Frequency Identification System Security

RFIDsec’14 Asia Workshop Proceedings


Li, Y.,
Lo, N.-W. ,
Yeh, K.-H.

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The increasing reliance on sophisticated computer technology for the management of data and information in developed and developing societies means that security and privacy technologies are also of great importance everywhere in the world.

This book presents papers from the 2014 Workshop on Radio Frequency Identification System Security, RFIDsec’14 Asia, held in Hualien, Taiwan, in November 2014. This workshop aimed to provide researchers, enterprises and governments with a platform to investigate, discuss and propose new solutions for the security and privacy issues of technologies and applications related to RFID and the Internet of Things (IoT). Topics covered include the implementation of passive UHF RFID tags; practical NFC privacy-preserving applications; the design of multi-ownership transfer protocols; and lightweight authentication of RFID.

The five high-quality papers included here will be of interest to all those involved in improving the security of computerized systems, wherever they are.

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