Quantum Coherence in Solid State Systems


Deveaud-Plédran, B.,
Quattropani, A.,
Schwendimann, P.

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This volume gives an overview of the manifestations of quantum coherence in different solid state systems, including semiconductor confined systems, magnetic systems, crystals and superconductors. Besides being of paramount importance in fundamental physics, the study of quantum coherence furnishes the starting point for important applications like quantum computing or secure data transmission. The coherent effects discussed mainly involve elementary excitations in solids like polaritons, excitons, magnons, macroscopic quantities like superconductor currents and electron spins. Also, several new aspects of the physics of quasi-particles are understood and discussed in this context. Due to the variety of systems in which quantum coherence may be observed, solid state systems are the natural candidates for applications that rely on coherence, for example quantum computers. This volume is dedicated to the memory of Franco Bassani, the former President of the Società Italiana di Fisica, who passed away last fall.

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