Protein, Lipid and Membrane Traffic: Pathways and Targeting


Op Den Kamp, J.A.F.

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This book concentrates on the following specific topics: the dynamic character of lipids and proteins in biological membranes, the existence of specific domains in membranes including their
visualisation, the molecular mechanisms of intracellular transport of membrane constituents and the involvement of lipid-protein interactions in these processes, protein assembly, structure and folding and transport through membranes and the intracellular sorting and targeting of individual membrane components as well as different organelles. The work gives a good overview of these topics. It starts with a detailed review of the biosynthesis of phosphoplipids, enravelled by advanced genetic approaches and is followed by reviews of the specific intracellular routing of the various phospholipids, the arrangements in micro-domains in the membrane and the visualisation of these structures by Atomic Force Microscopy. The role of lipids in protein sorting, routing, insertion and
translocation through membranes is presented in several contributions. Up to date information on membrane protein structure and assembly can be found in two articles followed by a series of contributions dealing with the molecular mechanisms of protein insertion and translocation. Both the prokaryotic systems, dealing with insertion and translocation of proteins in relation to export, as well as eukaryotic mechanisms of intracellular translocation are discussed in relation to organelle biogenesis and in particular the mitochondrion caught attention. Finally, intracellular protein and organelle traffic is summarised in detail. This complex phenomenon involves a large number of cell compartments and different tracks along which compounds can traffic into or out of the cell interior.