Promoting Independence for Older Persons with Disabilities

Selected Papers from the 2006 International Conference on Aging, Disability andIndependence


Mann, W.C.,
Helal, A.

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(second printing 2007)



The papers in this book provide important content related to aging, disability and independence. The focus of these papers is on maintaining independence and active participation in family and community activities. As we age, we face chronic health conditions that have the potential to negatively impact our independence. By using technology (smart homes, robotics, telehealth, other assistive devices), maintaining our mobility, and preventing injuries we can offset much or all of the disabling effects of chronic health conditions. This publication brings together a mix of individuals focused on aging, disability and independence, including those involved in research and development, professional practice and services, businesses providing products and services, government and policy planners, and end users and beneficiaries of our research, products, services, and policies. The main topics in this publication are Smart Homes; Robotics; Telehealth; Home Modifications and Universal Design; and Assistive Devices and Workplace Adaptations.