Proceedings of the Singapore Cyber-Security Conference (SG-CRC) 2016

Cyber-Security by Design


Mathur, A.,
Roychoudhury, A.

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Our increased reliance on computer technology for all aspects of life, from education to business, means that the field of cyber-security has become of paramount importance to us all.

This book presents the proceedings of the inaugural Singapore Cyber-Security R&D Conference (SG-CRC 2016), held in Singapore in January 2016, and contains six full and seven short peer-reviewed papers. The conference took as its theme the importance of introducing a technically grounded plan for integrating cyber-security into a system early in the design process, rather than as an afterthought. The element of design is integral to a process, be it a purely software system, such as one engaged in managing online transactions, or a combination of hardware and software such as those used in Industrial Control Systems, pacemakers, and a multitude of IoT devices. SG-CRC 2016 focused on how design as an element can be made explicit early in the development process using novel techniques based on sound mathematical tools and engineering approaches, and brought together academics and practitioners from across the world to participate in a program of research papers and industrial best practice, as well as an exhibition of tools.

The book will be of interest to all those with a working interest in improved cyber-security.

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