Problem Doctors: A Conspiracy of Silence


Lens, P.,
Van Der Wal, G.

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The problem of malfunctioning doctors is internationally recognised. Estimates in different countries of the number of disfunctioning doctors are around 5little literature on problem doctors. This book is about understanding problem doctors and helping the profession find better ways to help them and protect the public, the patients. It describes the following questions: Which definitions of malfunctioning are being used? What is the nature of malfunctioning and to what extend does it occur? Are there any data about the incident or prevalence of problem doctors? What kind of regulations exist to deal with malfunctioning doctors and which solutions to tackle the problem have been found? How is or how could malfunctioning doctors be prevented? The first part of the book explores themes like the doctor as iatrogenic factor, the damage doctors may cause, the incompetent physician behind closed doors, the impaired physician, sexual contact between doctors and patients, and fraud and misconduct in medical science. The second part gives an overview of the problem doctor in different countries around the world and of the informal mechanisms used to cope with this problem. Part three covers the measures during the university training to prevent doctors from malfunctioning. How can we select better doctors in the future? And if every thing fails, is outplacement possible?