Prevention and Health Promotion for the Excluded and the Destitute in Europe


Chauvin, P.,
Contu, P.,
Durieux, S.,
Lebas, J.,
Portugal, R.G.,
Sanchez, A.,
Vincent, A.,
Zenker, H.-J.

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The social inequalities of health have persisted in Europe, or even increased for the last 15 years, despite the large amount of public funds spent on health and social protection. Health education, prevention, and promotion - if they specifically address the populations that most need them (the more vulnerable, the more underprivileged) – may be adapted as well as cost-efficient responses to fight against health inequalities. Everywhere in Europe original initiatives have been developed to respond to the health needs of these people. This book presents the experiences of professionals from various institutional backgrounds (public, associative, academic, etc.) from eight European countries, as well as their recommendations to improve the access of excluded people and populations to prevention and health promotion.