Preparedness against Bioterrorism and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases


Kocik, J.,
Janiak, J.,
Negut, M.

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The objective of this book is to provide countries in which a biodefence system is currently under development with experience of those which are more advanced in this area and/or have already been exposed to bio-terrorist attacks. On the other hand this publication shows current status of preparedness against bioterorism and infectious diseases in the region and trends in strengthening of response to natural or deliberate outbreaks of infectious diseases through coordination of national public health capabilities as well as cooperation between the NATO member states and Partnership-for-Peace nations in this area. This publication has been made possible by the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Warsaw, Poland, in cooperation with Cantacuzzino Institute of Bucarest, Romania and co-sponsored by NATO Scientific and Environmental Affairs Division, U.S. Army Research Office and the U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Command as well as U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research International Field Office and The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.