Polynuclear Urban Regions in North West Europe

A Survey of Key Actor Views


Lambregts, B.W.,
Ipenburg, D.

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Delft University Press



This book as the outcome of a survey carried out within the framework of the research project EURBANET, which focuses on polynuclear urban regions in the North Western Metropolitan Area in Europe.
In the project, the practical value of this kind of regions as a planning concept is explored. Special emphasis is put on the possible contributions of polynuclear urban regions to the strengthening of competitiveness and quality of life in the area and to the role of these regions in the transnational planning process. the survey was carried out among stakeholders and experts in the Randstad, the RheinRuhr Area, the Flemish Diamond, and the Glasgow-Edinburgh Region.
EURBANET is one of the projects for transnational co-operation in spatial planning that is executed under the umbrella of the North Western Metropolitan Area Operational Programme. this programme is part of INTERREG IIC, a Community Initiative to promote transnational co-operation among public and private bodies through projects at the regional and local level. It is co-financed by the European Commission.
EURBANET is carried out by a consortium of five academic research institutes from the four different countries where the regions of research are located.