Policy integration in practice

The integration of land use planning, transport and environmental policy-making in Denmarkt, England and Germany


Stead, D.,
Geerlings, H.,
Meijers, E.J.

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Delft University Press


This is one of the few available texts concerning policy integration of land use planning, transport, and environment policy. A source of information for anyone involved in intersectoral policymaking, as well as a wonderful tool for anyone teaching or studying related courses, like regional planning, transport studies, environmental science and public policy.
There are increasing demands for policy integration from a number of areas These are coming at a time when decisionmaking is facing increasing complexity--calls for greater transparancy in decision-making, a stronger role for public participation and more involvement of non-governmental organisations, pressure groups and agencies in the decision making process all make policy integration increasingly difficult, but more compelling to achieve.
This book explores the necessary onditions for policy integration to occur, the importance of policy integration in practice, the experiences of policy-makers with policy integration and the mechanics or tools that may help to promote more integrated policy. Attention is particularly directed at the urban-region level.
Policy integration in practice aims to provide the reader with a general understanding of the issue of policy integration as well as a detailed understanding of this issue in Denmark, England, and Germany.