Philosophy and Synergy of Information: Sustainability and Security


Kervalishvili, P.J.,
Michailidis, S.A.

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The philosophy of information is one of the most exciting and fruitful areas of current philosophical research. Not only is it affecting the way in which new and old philosophical problems are addressed, but it is also creating a substantial innovation of the philosophical system.

This book contains selected papers presented at the 2011 spring conference entitled ‘Philosophy and Synergy of Information: Sustainability and Security’, held in Tbilisi, and supported by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme. The conference welcomed scientists from different disciplines and different countries, both eastern and western. They met to share their ideas, the results of their research and their experiences related to information science and technology, philosophy, the nature and culture of information and the problems of sustainable development for countries, regions and continents. Subjects covered include the latest innovations in informatics, forecasting, quantum information theory, nano information-communication systems and many more. Since ancient times, philosophers have been preoccupied with investigating life and security in the cosmos (world order). This book will be of interest to all those involved in that endeavor.