Performance Measurement in the Dutch Social Rented Sector


Straub, A.,
Van Mossel, J.H.,
Koopman, M.

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Delft University Press


The contributions in Performance Measurement in the Dutch Social Rented Sector address the societal and practical needs of housing associations, in order to develop better instruments for performance measurement. The provision of useful instruments allows for more transparency and thus improved external control over housing associations. At the same time these instruments should benefit the internal control and planning processes of the housing associations. The identification of Key Performance Indicators, as well as the input, throughput and output indicators that are bound up with it, facilitates the choice, implementation and (re-)shaping of policy alternatives and the justification for choosing among these alternatives. The contributions in this work do not address the overall scope of performance measurement and performance indicators reflecting the impact of housing. The range of examples covered in the book is related to the public tasks of Dutch housing association. As well as offering practical instruments for performance measurement for specific public tasks, the book ascertains a general guideline for performance management by housing associations. For this purpose the tools that are provided by the conceptual systems approach have been used as a framework. Most of the chapters are a mixture of theoretical or conceptual ideas and practical techniques.