Patient’s Autonomy, Privacy and Informed Consent


Leino-Kilpi, H.,
Välimäki, M.,
Arndt, M.,
Dassen, T.,
Gasull, M.,
Lemonidou, C.,
Scott, P.A.,
Bansemir, G.,
Cabrera, E.,
Papaevangelou, H.,
Mc Parland, J.

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In this publication: large overview in literature in patients’ autonomy, privacy and informed consent has been made. Generally, this has a special importance for many groups, because of that the patients’ rights have been emphased during 1990s in Europe and also in other countries. For example, WHO published a declaration on the promotion of patients’ rights in Europe in 1994 and there are many countries working with the legislation of patients’ rights. So, this publication gives a good view over the literature in the area.
* Also, in the publication the are collected the laws and ethical codes, referring to this topic. This is also important: usually they are not in the same book.
* In ethics, there is not so much empirical research done. In this book, we have tried to describe the ethical research made in this area.
* In more special areas, the book is important for nurses/health care workers in surgical nursing (informed consent has a special importance here, particulary in day-care-surgery), elderly care and maternity care, because of that these groups have been under special interest.