Overcoming Barriers to Technology Transfer and Business Commercialization in Central and Eastern Europe

Solutions and Opportunities


Bendis, R.A.,
Craciunoiu, S.T.

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In the 21st century, Central and Eastern Europe face challenges to innovation and business development. The NATO – Advanced Research Workshop “Overcoming Barriers to Technology Transfer and Business Commercialisation in Central & Eastern Europe” was designed to allow pertinent organisations from different nations to share ideas and strategies to address these challenges. The thrust of the workshop was to improve the transformation process of R&D to home-grown technologies and ultimately, innovative and successful businesses. It is important to recognise that most Central and Eastern European economies are evolving from a super-centralised economic structure. We hope that by tapping into the experiences of developed countries, these C&EE nations can lay the foundations for thriving market-economies.
The presentations during the workshop contained not only theoretical ideas, but also facts, examples, and results, summarised in tables and illustrated by figures. In this book, we also set forth remedies for some of the issues discussed. This book will serve as a useful tool for researchers, for technology transfer and business and innovation center managers, for businessmen and in general for all those interested in and concerned with breaking down the barriers to technology transfer and business commercialisation.