Nursing Informatics 2020: Towards Defining our own Future

Proceedings of NI2006 Post Congress Conference


Kim, J.,
Park, H-A.,
Murray, P.,
Erdley, W.S.

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"I would recommend this book to both nursing informatics students and nursing informatics specialists. These are the leaders who can be charged with using these ideas as they create the future of this speciality."
- Ramona Nelson, Professor of Nursing at Slippery Rock University, CARING Newsletter Vol. 23, issue 1
The authors contributing to this publication recognize the role to be played by changing technologies in the ways care is being supported and delivered in the future, but they also clearly demonstrate that technology is only one part of the equation, and that many other factors must be borne in mind. The need to explore not only the visible and predictable future, but also the less likely scenarios that may suddenly be thrust to the forefront of our attentions, are also acknowledged. Different combinations of the technologies can offer possibilities for differing solutions in different countries to the similar problems that many are likely to face. The exchange of ideas that is reflected in this publication offers opportunities to celebrate nursing’s commonalities, while at the same time considering its necessary evolution and adaptation to new challenges. Locally, nationally and internationally, nurses can and will rise to those challenges.

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