Nuclear Doctrines and Strategies

National Policies and International Security


Nikitin, A.,
Oznobishchev, S.,
Fitzpatrick, M.

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Nuclear Strategies and Doctrines focuses on the overarching importance that nuclear strategies and doctrines continue to play in the modern world and in relations among the leading states. The nuclear doctrines of the recognized nuclear weapons states and the activities these policies entail – beginning with the acquisition and modernization of nuclear forces – inevitably influence the defense and foreign policies of those nations which are without nuclear weapons capabilities, as well as the policies of those nations that are considered to be de facto nuclear weapons states. The present unstable balance between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ is becoming increasingly shaky. Many representatives of the latter countries consider this division to be illegal, immoral and unresponsive to the demands of their national security. The nuclear doctrines still support the notion that only nuclear weapons may serve as a ‘supreme guarantor’ of military security, despite the situation in which nuclear deterrence cannot fulfil its role effectively, especially against rogue states, and in view of new threats and dangerous regimes. Throughout this work it is emphasized that the existing policies of national security and military doctrines do not reflect modern realities and that nuclear deterrence, which still comprises the essence of nuclear doctrines of the nuclear-weapons states, cannot effectively fulfill its assigned role, especially in view of the new common threats posed by none-state actors and dangerous regimes.