Nondestructive Testing of Materials


Bowler, J.R.,
Collins, R.,
Dover, W.D.,
Miya, K.

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This book reviews the current state of all types of electromagnetic testing techniques and considers the implications of innovations for future inspection practice both in Europe and Japan.This volume provides researchers with an overview of exchanges on the subjects of ACPD and ACFM from both Japanese and continental perspectives. For instance: the Japanese project of applied electromagnetic theory to inspect nuclear power plants and the theory of signal inversion for flaw identification. Topics covered are:
- Inversion, imaging and flaw reconstruction
- Advanced signal processing
- Artificial intelligence and neural networks
- Modelling, simulation and benchmark problems
- Reliability of inspections, new techniques and novel sensors
- Automation of data acquisition and processing
The work covers a wide range of disciplines and will therefore serve a large number of researchers of electromagnetic theory for the next millenium.

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