New Trends in Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques

Proceedings of the Eighth SoMeT_09


Fujita, H.,
Mařík, V.

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Software is an essential enabler for science and the new economy, but software often falls short of our expectations, remaining expensive and not yet sufficiently reliable for a constantly changing and evolving market.

This publication, which forms part of the SoMeT series, consists of 41 papers, carefully reviewed and revised on the basis of technical soundness, relevance, originality, significance, and clarity. These explore new trends and theories which illuminate the direction of developments which may lead to a transformation of the role of software in tomorrow’s global information society. The book offers an opportunity for the software science community to think about where they are today and where they are going.

The emphasis has been placed on human-centric software methodologies, end-user development techniques, and emotional reasoning, for an optimally harmonised performance between the design tool and the user. The handling of cognitive issues in software development and the tools and techniques related to this form part of the contribution to this book. Other comparable theories and practices in software science, including emerging technologies essential for a comprehensive overview of information systems and research projects, are also addressed.

This work represents another milestone in mastering the new challenges of software and its promising technology, and provides the reader with new insights, inspiration and concrete material to further the study of this new technology.


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