New Technologies in Public Administration


Petroni, G.,
Cloete, F.

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(second printing 2007)


Research on the relationship between technology dynamics and Public Administration (PA) began some years ago and was inspired by the realization that technological development has produced a far-reaching interaction with PA. There are some branches of PA that heavily rely on technology for their activities; such as the defense sector, the space agencies, the agencies for environmental protection, and those that are responsible for food control and safety and so on. Some technological advancements have found fertile ground in PA. The impact of technologies such as ICT or space technologies on PA is from a political and social point of view the most important. The adoption of such technologies can make it possible to offer more services to citizens. The adoption of new technologies can also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the bureaucratic apparatus and can even influence positively the mechanisms of political representation. The most interesting applications of technology are those relating to earth observations because these are able to strengthen enormously security and transportation systems, to foster the development of some production activities such as agriculture and fishing, and to improve air navigation and territorial control systems. The contributions included in this work revolve around the application of ICT in the activities and structures of PA of some European countries. In particular, these contributions discuss the various development stages of the implementation of e-government as well as the different actors of PA itself.

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