New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics II



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The compilation and deployment of statistical techniques is nowadays almost universally based on computing systems. Rapidly changing technology is expanding the options available for improving the quality, range and delivery of statistics whilst reducing the cost, and at the same time is putting pressure on producers and users to keep up with the latest techniques, both as management views develop of what is possible and simply through peer group pressure.
In the areas of official statistics, it is clear that new technologies will change our approach to the whole range to activities from systems design, through data collection, processing, analysis and dissemination, to the structure of the European Statistical System and internal organization of national statistical institutes. Eurostat has a central role in promoting and coordinating the development and use of statistics in public administrations, which extends to the adoption of new techniques and technologies as they are proven validated. An important aspect of this role is to anticipate needs, to stimulate, encourage and fund research work of common interest, to support national initiatives and to prove a forum for discussion. In this new book techniques and technologies in statistics are described. The needs and constraints of official staticians are described as well as the latest developments of researchers. The book presents the research and development projects funded by the European Commission in the development of statistical tools and techniques under the R&D framework programme and the progress to date in the current Development of Statistical Information Systems (DOSIS) programme.