New Frontiers in Light Metals

Proceedings of the 11th International Aluminium Conference INALCO 2010


Katgerman, L.,
Soetens, F.

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The Proceedings of the 2010 INALCO conference New Frontiers in Light Metals is the eleventh in a series of INALCO conferences, held every three years since 1979. For the first time, the scope of the conference has been extended to include magnesium technology. The presentations emphasize the many challenges facing the light metals industry today as well as the innovative and creative solutions developed by industry and research institutes as they strive to remain competitive in an increasingly global light metals market. The keynote and invited lectures and conference papers, presented during two plenary sessions and twelve parallel sessions, cover the following areas: advanced joining, materials technology, surface, architecture, structural design and transport and automotive. The Proceedings are a timely document of the current state of light metals technology for structural applications. This book includes a CD with a PDF of the proceedings.

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