Networks & Optical Communications 1996


Faulkner, D.W.,
Harmer, A.L.

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Broadband Superhighway
1996 356 pp. softcover 90 5199 275 0

New broadband services, which depend upon state-of-the-art technology, will drive investment in broadband fibre optic networks. The next ten years will see rapid growth in fibre optic systems with development of a fibre superhighway. This special theme will explore the impact of emerging broadband services and technology, on fibre systems design and deployment of the superhighway.

ATM, Networks and LANs
1996 320 pp. softcover 90 5199 276 9

Multi-media networks based on ATM LAN technology can provide integrated transmission of voice, data and visual information direct to the workstation. Such networks are of strategic importance to organisations which depend upon electronic transactions. The smooth operation of these networks is therefore of critical importance. The aim of this special theme is to investigate the state of corporate networks and provide a view of how emerging new technology will improve communications efficiency.

Technology, Infrastructure, WDMNetworks
1996 332 pp. softcover 90 5199 277 7

Although almost unlimited capacity is available on fibre, the technology is only acceptable for transmission if it also meets cost and reliability requirements. Fibre has already proved itself in submarine and core network applications. The aim of this theme is to show how the cost of the technology and its installation can be reduced to a level which is affordable to us as end users so that we can all benefit from new services on a reliable network with capacity for the future.