National Counter-Terrorism Strategies

Legal, Institutional, and Public Policy Dimensions in the US, UK, France, Turkey and Russia


Orttung, R.W.,
Makarychev, A.

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National Counter-Terrorism Strategies provides an in-depth analyses of terrorism trends and responses in the US, UK, France, Turkey and Russia. The contributors are scholars and operational people from each of the countries. They contribute to the existing literature on terrorism by analyzing their countries’
response to the terror-organized crime nexus,
coordination of state agencies fighting terrorism, and
ability to manage trade-offs between protecting civil liberties and ensuring security.

The book makes an important contribution by providing a comparative analysis of the various national responses to terrorism, showing where individual countries excel and lag behind. These analyses seek to provide the basis for improving the counter-terrorism approaches for each of the countries.

The introductory chapters provide an analysis of current trends in terrorism today from a variety of different national perspectives. The different approaches and points of view allow the reader to gain a more nuanced understanding of terrorism and the current efforts to combat it.