Nanoparticle Enhanced Imaging: Emerging Oncologic Applications


Harisinghani, M.G.

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Nanotechnology refers to the research and technical development of objects in a scale range of 1 to 100 nanometers. Particles that are nano-sized are opening new research avenues in the field of engineering and life sciences. Imaging with biocompatible nanoparticles has emerged as one of the most promising new diagnostic imaging technology fulfilling the goal of developing cost-effective magnetic nanoparticles with acceptable targeting efficiency, favorable pharmacokinetics and a good safety profile. These nanoparticles target the reticuloendothelial system and this combined with unique properties of superparamagnetism allows them to be used as excellent probes for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Nanoparticle Enhanced Imaging: Emerging Oncologic Applications focusses on the use of a specific type of magnetic nanoparticle (ferumoxtran-10) to overcome imaging handicaps in cancer staging as well as discuss emerging applications of newer magnetic nanoparticles. Imaging with ferumoxtran-10 offers the potential of staging tumors at stages much earlier than those detectable today.