Nano Optics and Atomics:Transport of Light and Matter Waves


Wiersma, D.S.,
Kaiser, R.,
Fallani, L.

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Many fundamental processes in physics involve transport and the spectacular progress in the control and engineering of matter at the nano-scale has meant that new regimes of wave transport have been the subject of great interest in recent decades. This book presents a collection of contributions from speakers and lecturers at the CLXXIII International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi”, held in Varenna, Italy, in June 2009. Different aspects of wave transport were covered during the school, from electrons to light propagation and from sound to ultra-cold atoms. The school was characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach, with speakers, lecturers and students from different communities sharing their knowledge and their often complimentary points of view and approaches. Subjects covered in the book include: Anderson localization; photonic properties of non-crystalline solids; diffuse optics; ultrasonic wave transport in strongly scattering media; multi-wave imaging; time reversal focusing and the diffractional limit, as well as strongly correlated quantum phases of ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices.

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