Molecular Pathology of Early Cancer


Srivastava, S.

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This book describes the principles and the application of the existing molecular methodology for the detection of early cancer. Discussion focuses on the molecular changes characterizing preneoplastic lesions; molecular targets for early detection; validation of molecular targets; and new diagnostic technology for early detection. The advantages of molecular detection over current methods are examined, as well as the importance of identifying and characterizing preneoplastic lesions. In addition to the uses of highly specific molecular probes to detect early cancer, this book demonstrates the many ways in which molecular markers serve oncology.
While meeting pressing needs in the practice of medicine, molecular detection of early cancer scientifically necessitates a confrontation with the biology of cancer, such as the genetic determinants of progression, regression, dormancy, and invasion. This work not only discusses the diagnostic value of these molecular methods but views their practical benefits against a background of conventional morphology.