Modernisation of Science Policy and Management Approaches in Central and South East Europe


Kobal, E.,
Radosevic, S.

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This book analyses different aspects of science and technology policy in South East Europe (SEE). Some of these countries, particularly the ones facing political and economic crises, are still not integrated into the international community. Furthermore, their scientific communities have not been able to seize the opportunities offered to them on the international level. This has often been the consequence of the fact that R&D is not supported by efficient science policies. In addition, many of the SEE countries have not been able to develop modern management approaches in science. As a result, national scientific communities often do not have the support and information that they need to become integral and active players in the international arena. Without modern management strategies, these countries will not be able to use all of their intellectual and other resources, which are an essential part of economic development. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of S&T policies in SEE countries for the first time and brings these countries into comparative perspective with Central European and other EU countries. In addition, the volume contains analysis of several important science policy issues (human resource management, management of quality and finance, peer review and networking); in this respect, the volume will be of interest to a wider audience interested in S&T policy-making in general.