Model-based Failure-modes-and-effects Analysis and its Application to Aircraft Subsystems


Fraracci, A.

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Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a mandatory process during the design phase in the aeronautics/automotive industries: for each component of the equipment, all possible faulty states have to be analyzed and their impact on the function at different levels of hierarchy has to be described. It has to be repeated after design changes, consuming precious time of specialists.

This thesis describes a contribution to a European research project that joined research groups and aeronautics industries to produce a model-based system for automated FMEA.

Achievements: development of a formal model of the FMEA process; creation of a model library, using qualitative models rather than numerical ones; specification and implementation of a software module for generating qualitative models from numerical ones (Matlab models); validation, test, evaluation of the abstraction operator and library for a test case of the project.

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