Mind versus Computer

Were Dreyfus and Winograd right?


Gams, M.,
Paprzycki, M.,
Wu, X.

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The `Mind Versus Computer - were Dreyfus and Winograd right?' book is dedicated to the basic question if mind is just a very complex computer or not. The strong versus weak AI debate is combined with new AI approaches and ideas. Twenty papers gathered and refereed through the Internet are presented in three parts:

- Overview and General Issues
- New Approaches
- Computability and Form vs. Meaning.

This brainstorming publication presents analyses of core ideas that will possibly shape future AI. There has been tried to include critical papers representing different positions on these issues. Submissions were invited through the Internet in all subareas and on all aspects of AI research and its new directions, especially:

- the current state, positions, and true advances achieved in the last 5-10 years in various subfields of AI (as opposed to
parametric improvements),
- the trends, perspectives and foundations of artificial and natural intelligence, and
- strong AI vs. weak AI and the reality of most current `typical' publications in AI.

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