Metrology: from Physics Fundamentals to Quality of Life


Inguscio, M.,
Tavella, P.,
Milton, M.J.T.,
De Leo, N.

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Metrology is a constantly evolving field, and one which has developed in many ways in the last four decades.

This book presents the proceedings of the Enrico Fermi Summer School on the topic of Metrology, held in Varenna, Italy, from 26 June to 6 July 2017. This was the 6th Enrico Fermi summer school devoted to metrology, the first having been held in 1976. The 2017 program addressed two major new directions for metrology: the work done in preparation for a possible re-definition of four of the base units of the SI in 2018, and the impact of the application of metrology to issues addressing quality of life – such as global climate change and clinical and food analysis – on science, citizens and society. The lectures were grouped into three modules: metrology for quality of life; fundamentals of metrology; and physical metrology and fundamental constants, and topics covered included food supply and safety; biomarkers; monitoring climate and air quality; new IS units; measurement uncertainty; fundamental constants; electrical metrology; optical frequency standards; and photometry and light metrology.

The book provides an overview of the topics and changes relevant to metrology today, and will be of interest to both academics and all those whose work involves any of the various aspects of this field.

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