Methods in Macromolecular Crystallography


Johnson, L.,
Turk, D.

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The main theme of the book will be on the interactions of macromolecules and the consequences for biological function; lessons learned from the detailed study of the individual components will also be included. To bring together contributions of leading structural scientists who are addressing even more challenging problems, such as crystallization of membrane proteins, the structures of large assemblies of proteins, proteins and RNA, and proteins and DNA, and the structures of large viruses is also one of the aims of the book. In addition, advances in macromolecular crystallography have given us new eyes with which to look at biology and by working at the EM/Xray interface and by exploiting the potential of third generation synchrotron radiation sources with their extraordinarily bright beams for data collection from very small crystals new very important targets can be addressed.Te book should also give the flavour of this new frontiers.