Megacorridors in North West Europe

Investigating a new transnational planning concept


Zonneveld, W.,
Trip, J.

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Delft University Press



This volume is based on a review and a survey among stakeholders which was carried out within the framework of the research project CORRIDESIGN. Starting from the observation that regional economies are intertwined on a European scale, CORRIDESIGN examined whether, to what extent, and in what ways this process towards a network society is spatially linked with the development of cross-border megacorridors between seven large urban regions in North West Europe – the Randstad, the Flemish Diamond, the RheinRuhr area, Lille, Paris, London and the West Midlands. This book makes clear that although the origins of the corridor concept lie in the domain of infrastructure, its meaning extends to such fields as regional economy, urban development and governance.
CORRIDESIGN was one of the projects for trans-national co-operation in spatial planning that were executed under the umbrella of the North Western European Area Operational Programme. This Programme was part of INTERREG IIC, a Community Initiative co-financed by the European Commission to promote trans-national co-operation between public bodies and private parties from different countries through projects on both a regional and local level. CORRIDESIGN was carried out by a consortium of seven academic research institutes from the five countries where the megacorridors involved are located.