Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2000

Envisioning Healing: Interactive Technology and the Patient-Practioner Dialogue


Westwood, J.D.,
Hoffman, H.M.,
Robb, R.A.,
Mogel, G.T.,
Stredney, D.

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This book provides an innovative international forum for the researchers, developers, and practitioners who are actively expanding the role of electronic technologies in healthcare. The contributions are by pioneers in all aspects of the field: telemedicine, simulation, computer-assisted surgery, haptics, robotics, education, diagnostics, etc. Leading edge developments and current clinical experience are brought together for the purpose of exploring ways to improve medical care. Mental health implications of new electronic technologies are also discussed. This book has a special focus on virtual reality as a means of bringing practitioner and patient closer in the pursuit of healing. Rather than superseding the talents of healthcare professionals, interactive computer-based tools have the ability to enhance the traditional dialogue of care. In addition, these tools can be used to integrate useful qualities of complementary therapies into allopathic medicine. Sight, touch, sound and other senses can be linked and augmented in ways previously unimagined, ultimately to benefit the patient.

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